Your Belongings and Water Damage
Unfortunately, your home or business structure isn’t the only thing affected by water damage. In most cases, you may also have special keepsakes and other personal items that simply can’t be replaced. Luckily for you, we have extensive experience when it comes to restoring these items that would otherwise not be salvageable.

Content Restoration
Here at Seamless Services, we work to help restore your personal items that were damaged–whether it be in a flood, fire, or because of mold. We’ll do everything we can to restore your irreplaceable belongings, starting with a thorough assessment of your personal items to determine what can be saved versus what may need to be replaced.

The methods of content restoration we offer include:

  • Immersion cleaning – we submerge the item into a cleansing bath
  • Foam cleaning – Ideal for upholstery and other fabrics
  • Wet cleaning – best to remove residue, both moderate and severe
  • Dry cleaning – can be used for removing lighter residue or in preparation for wet cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning – we agitate the surface of the item that needs cleansed
  • Spray and wipe – best used for sensitive items that can’t be wet-cleaned
  • Move-Outs and Pack-Outs