Water Damage Restoration Process
Understanding the Water Damage Restoration Process
Our knowledge and experience are on your side here at Seamless Services–especially when it comes to water damage restoration. No matter how minor or major the damage, we know how to take the right approach and will carefully monitor the restoration process from start to finish.

Step 1: Emergency Contact
As soon as you call us, one of our friendly and compassionate staff members will ask you a few simple questions so we can get a better idea of how to respond to your water damage emergency. From there, we’ll respond swiftly and accordingly.

Step 2: Thorough Assessment and Inspection
Once our crews arrive, they’ll immediately get to work assessing the water damage on your property. Specifically, they’ll figure out which areas have been affected and what caused the damage. This will give them the understanding they need to formulate a restoration plan.

Step 3: Removing Excess Water
Our crews will also come equipped with some powerful vacuums and pumps that will then be used to remove excess water from your property. It’s not uncommon for our crews to pump out anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand gallons during a typical restoration job, in fact! We’ll get to work with this step as quickly as possible as a means of reducing the total damage.

Step 4: De-Humidifying and Drying
Once we’ve removed as much excess water as we’re able to, we’ll get to work drying the affected areas as a means of reducing the chances of mildew and mold growth. Our crews always use a highly scientific drying method along with high quality equipment that minimizes the amount of time needed to completely dry out the area.

Step 5: Cleaning/Sanitizing
More than likely, you’ll have personal items that are damaged by the water. Fortunately, we may be able to help restore these items, along with furniture and clothing using one of our precise cleaning and sanitizing techniques. This can save you from the hassle of having to replace these items down the road.

Step 6: Restoration
Finally, we’ll focus on restoring your home or business as much as possible to its original state. Whether this means simply replacing some drywall panels that were damaged or even doing entire rebuilds on certain areas of your home/business, we’ve got the tools and expertise to get the job done.