If you encounter water damage on your property, here’s what you can do until help shows up.

Make safety your first priority:

  • Ask yourself: is staying in the house safe?
  • Be careful lifting wet materials; they can be heavy.
  • Don’t take any risks.
  • Avoid electrical slip-and-fall accidents.

After a flood:

  • Use a mop to remove excess water, if possible.
  • Wipe down furniture and other items to dry them.
  • Set drenched cushions and other upholstery on their sides to dry.
  • Set wooden blocks down between furniture legs and soaked carpets.
  • If summertime, turn on your AC to help with the drying process.
  • Take wet, colored rugs off carpets to avoid bleeding of ink and staining.
  • Place art pieces in a safe place away from water.
  • Pick up stray objects from floors, if safely possible.

Avoid the following:

  • Using household appliances.
  • Trying to use a vacuum to remove water.
  • Leaving wet fabrics in place.
  • Leaving dyed items (magazines, paintings, etc.) on wet flooring.
  • Turning on ceiling fans in wet rooms.