About UsSeamless Services Building Envelope Maintenance (BEM) Program

Our program integrated web-based (customer portal) program addresses the needs of Low-Slope and Steep-Slope Roof Assemblies

Each facet of our comprehensive program involves the following:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Waterproofing analysis
  • Building envelope repairs

Extend the life of your existing ‘building envelope’ while strategically planning for future needs.

Big leap forward in managing your building envelope

The Seamless Services BEM program allows facility managers the ability to properly plan and establish budgets based on an integrated approach of on-line reporting and forensic tools, physical site survey and analysis that can address the following building envelope waterproofing concerns:

Roof – Depending on the initial construction most commercial roofing applications have a 20 year lifecycle if maintained properly. With ongoing maintenance a roof investment can exceed the initial 20 year design.

Exterior Facade repair and maintenance – This involves the complete facade waterproofing including brickwork, masonry walls, tiles, glass metalwork, concrete, and structural supports.

We can complete facade repair work as well as exterior cleaning, caulking and weatherproofing.

Mechanical Equipment – Our preventive maintenance and repair programs waterproof all types of HVAC equipment as well as related electrical and plumbing systems.

  • Windows – window awnings and window joints
  • Parapet walls
  • Sheet Metal
  • Expansion Joints

Parking garage maintenance – BEM can help extend the life of parking garage structures and reduce deterioration of steel reinforced concrete. Repairs include spall repairs, and sealing and waterproofing. We can determine problem areas and develop recommendations for the scope of repairs and upgrades.

With our exciting new BEM program are ready to reduce your roofing and building envelope life-cycle costs while improving performance.